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Salvadoreñx Que Ondas . My pronouns are they/them/their and I'm genderfluid. I'm Lenca. I'm an Artist.Writer.Curator. Art Historian. Boston based. Here in this blog will be posting of art that isn't made by white people, music I dig, haifa wehbe n j.lo posts, posts about me navigating the art world and global politics. lots of posts concerning central america/ns. I also run Salvadoranarthistory and CentralAmericaContemporary on this site.

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Fatima Al Qadiri & Khalid al Gharaballi | Kuwait 

Coupling Q8 [Arranged Marriage no.1] | 2011

The groom, the bride, their car and their crib/wedding throne.”


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#LOVE THESE TWO  #Fatima Al Qadiri  #Khalid al Gharaballi  #Kuwait 
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