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Salvadoreñx Que Ondas . My pronouns are they/them/their and I'm genderfluid. I'm Lenca. I'm an Artist.Writer.Curator. Art Historian. Boston based. Here in this blog will be posting of art that isn't made by white people, music I dig, haifa wehbe n j.lo posts, posts about me navigating the art world and global politics. lots of posts concerning central america/ns. I also run Salvadoranarthistory and CentralAmericaContemporary on this site.

I think I need to find the nearest mountains to Boston and go for a week. 

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#my dads fam is mountain folk n who i relate to most  #my moms san miguel ppl idk it's not as engrained in me 


Victor “Crack” Rodriguez | El Salvador

unico apoyo ante la fresa 1,2 &3 | 2008


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playas in El Salvador omg

playas in El Salvador omg

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listening to Chopin. why cn’t i sleep.

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Mickalene Thomas | Black American
 Portrait of Mnonja | 2010

Mickalene Thomas | Black American

 Portrait of Mnonja | 2010

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Ma Qiusha | China 
from Ashes of Memory series | 2006

Ma Qiusha | China 

from Ashes of Memory series | 2006

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some exhibition view shots of Sophia Al-Maria’s Virgin with a Memory.

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sorry to the new followers i’m usually a cute as hell art blogger but this is my day offf from the museum n i’m turnt on diff things n if u real, i’ll see u morrow

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IDC if Nelly Furtado IS a latina cat fish. i like her.

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i’m so proud of all the afro-salvi, afro-lenca shit i know. even if it’s been delivered coded as hell. i have the language to deconstruct stuff . dance is one of those things u know? like angela bassett when she did that dancing scene in AHS the director talked about how it came so natural for her to go into those movements like fucCCCcCcck, the black diaspora and dancing. with dance like twerking, whining, brazilian shit etcetc exists in so many places in the word in variations. different but connected. juntito. no se. like that one cuban village that was able to trace themselves to a specific as town in Sierra Leone just through dance movements. in el salvador we don’t have names for these movements. do we need them? quizás es enough that i learned them from all the women in my family. es bello. 

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